Web Design

We are continuously learning
new coding techniques and software to keep you and your online business at the top of the game.

Koshak Web Design Team
includes people who have rich computer knowledge as well as strong business background, giving us the ability to provide the very best product for our customers

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Graphic Design

Custom Rendering
We have the latest Photoshop tools and skills to render any images you may want to see, from how your car would look painted a different color with a body kit, to portrait and photo retouching

Business Cards
Koshak Design Studio can create you a business card to compliment your web presents and create a brand that keeps people looking. Both online and around tow

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Custom Car Building

Jim Koshak is one of the top up and coming designers within the automotive industry, he has been involved in the automotive market since the early 80's. Jim has always had a great passion for life, especially when it comes to cars. With his "hands on" approach from actually designing the cars to working side by side with a team of family and friends, he has always been one to think outside the box and try concepts no one else would.

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Talent Management

                   We are a boutique firm representing talent for film, television, theatrical, commercial, modeling work. Our core objective is to submit talent and secure work on projects and for roles that make sense for our clients and for the producers alike.

 In conjunction with being producers ourselves, we have developed a strong sense of leadership which we use to guide our clients to a successful, professional experience. 

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